The action of Led Infra-Red stimulates the production of collagen and causes the opening of fat cells so that they release their fat reserves. Natural, without dangerous emissions, FDA cleared, the benefits are immediate and the results are measured from the first session. Photonica Red Light Therapy: new infrared LED slimming technology A highly advanced technology for the exclusive patent of NASA experts in lasers. This unit is totally designed and manufactured in the USA. UU., Patented "FDA cleared" and CE standards. The FDA recognizes its results in thinness and is measured from the first session. This elitist method is finally proposed in WEST PALM BEACH at SIMPLE MEN'S HEALTH. 

The beginning UltraSlim is an accelerator of results that allows your body to eliminate the subcutaneous fat responsible for its unsightly curves. Used in their programs, their benefits also have an anti- aging action on the skin and help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis through its anti inflammatory action.. 

  • Stimulates circulation and increases your cellular metabolism. 
  • Reliefs back to the muscular level. 
  • Facilitates muscle relaxation and improves joint flexibility. 
  • Recovery action on sleep quality. 
  • OA bread attenuation 
  • Slimming action: reshaping body curves 
  • Tensor effect: Body or face, neck, hands. 
  • Reduction of spots, lines and wrinkles. 
  • Firming and cellular rejuvenation of your skin.

* As in any natural approach, the results may vary according to each individual **

Our care is not covered by health insurance. It's action: a soft but frank stimulation of the fibroblasts (support cells present in the dermis), which begins to function in their early youth. Hence a maximized collagen synthesis, a processed skin texture and a good boost. Wrinkles, relaxed skin, better appearance of stretch marks, decreased spots and pores of the skin. The innovative UltraSlim infrared photon emission LEDs are based on laser, pulsed light or LED.

The mode of action of UltraSlim: the use of powerful infrared LEDs through the skin allows to deceive the mitochondria in their fat cells (adipocytes). Upon receiving this light, they activate our body that was in a food deprivation mode. The mitochondria then gives the signal of opening the storage stored in the fat cell by activating the opening of its pores. The fat is released naturally in the lymphatic system and is metabolized by the liver in any detoxification situation, since its metabolism does not need it. The fat will then be evacuated by natural means (urine and feces) on the following days. The effect is probably lasting, but your diet should be balanced. The pores of the mitochondria are closed after 48 to 72 hours. It is recommended to exercise regularly to continue losing weight, maintain a good figure and good health. 

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