Postural Correction


How to change posture in 12 weeks with chiropractic adjustments and live without pain?

Posturology is the scientific study of the neurological mechanisms of balance management. The postural muscle chains allow the static and dynamic alignment of your body in space. Your posture is therefore a pure reflection of your health. Poor postural habits are often associated with postural alterations or chronic back pain (cervical pain, back pain, lumbago, functional scoliosis, herniated discs). A postural imbalance often comes from an alteration of the joint system (wear pathology: osteoarthritis) and muscle (contracture muscle, tendinitis).

If your posture reveals an imbalance (scoliosis, shoulder higher on one side, shorter leg, forward head posture, rounded back...), the organs of your body become less effective (respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular or immune systems) and your mental and emotional state may be affected.

According to many scientific studies on the impact of posture on health, people who neglect their posture have less energy, are often much less active in life, which can decrease their quality of life and increase their risk of death at a younger age. 

Why does osteoarthritis (OA) destroy your joints?

Your joints act as shock absorbers in the locomotor system. Prolonged postural and muscular imbalances cause a permanent tension in the joints, which must then absorb the accumulation of this mechanical damping tension beyond its capacity. These postural and muscular imbalances trigger the inflammatory process that causes the destruction of the cartilage and the alteration of the mechanism of functioning of the muscular chains of the movement.

Without the correction of your musculoskeletal system (spine and pelvis) by our chiropractic physician, Dr. Fabien David Mathieu, you run the risk of silently developing osteoarthritis due to the wear and tear of overworked joints due to compression and mechanical tensions.

Our chiropractic protocol of expertise in posture aims to correct, modify and stabilize your postural problems in 12 weeks of Complete Postural Correction and recommend ergonomic advice for your work.You will feel more confident; you will have more control over your decisions and will be able to cope with the stress reactions in your body.

You will understand why so many companies and athletes turn to Simple Men's Health services around the world.

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