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We've treated patients from around the world that are professional athletes with careers that depend on healthy joints to patients in their later years who simply want to be able to lift their grandchildren or continue to enjoy their intimate life just as before.


Dr. Fabien David Mathieu, DC

Dr. Fabien David Mathieu, DC founder of Centre LEVEL in France and Simple Men's Health in West Palm Beach, has amassed over 25 years of experience helping patients cope with their chronic pain and their overweight. He has always strived to develop trusting and meaningful relationships tailored to meet each patient's specific needs. As a specialist in functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Fabien David Mathieu has used his unique, customized approach to help thousands of patients reverse their age related condition, in treating chronic spinal disorders, postural dysfunctions, musculoskeletal pain associated with the aging process, overweight condition and erectile dysfunction.

Dr Fabien David Mathieu offers a different, multidisciplinary approach, which he is invited to present each year in Monaco, as part of the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) with the WOSIAM, the most important international medical convention which attracts more than 12,000 doctors.

He is also invited to participate as a speaker in Madrid, Spain, for the National Congress of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine and in Miami, USA, for the Intercontinental Congress of Anti-aging Medicine with the SEMAL. With decades of experience treating difficult conditions, Dr. Fabien David Mathieu, DC has rightfully earned his worldwide reputation. He is now the president and the executive manager of Simple Men's Health in West Palm Beach, Florida, he feels truly blessed to be part of the team, and also gracefully humbled to be a part of the solution.


Ricardo Guzman Matos, RN

Ricardo Guzman Matos, RN has earned a Medical Doctorate degree in General Medicine from Facultad de Ciencias Medicas Calixto Garcia in Havana, Cuba. He has substantial experience in the medical profession. His unique International background gives him a broader range of medical knowledge than the typical nurse. He is very familiar with stem cell treatments and many of the specialized therapies offered by Simple Men's Health. His strong knowledge of Pharmacotherapy and the Shockwave techniques brings valuable continuity of care and service consistency to Simple Men's Health patients.


Norma Guivas

Shirish SHAH


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